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Biology ps ls us
Chemistry ps ls us
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Environment and nature study ps    
Finnish as native language ps ls us
Finnish ps ls us
France ps ls us
Initial teaching ps    
Geography ps ls us
German ps ls us
Health education ps ls us
History and civics ps ls us
Home economics   ls us
Italian ps ls us
Mathematics ps ls us
Music ps ls us
Philosophy ps ls us
Physics ps ls us
Physical education ps ls us
Pupil guidance   ls us
Psychology     us

Russian ps ls us
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Swedish ps ls us
Technical work ps ls us
Textile Craft ps ls us
Religion ps ls us
Cross-curricular themes ps ls us
Special education ps ls us
Foreign language teaching ps ls us
Immigrants ps ls us
ICT in education ps ls us
Contact information ps ls us
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ps primary school, grades 1-6
ls lower secondary school, grades 7-9[10] 
us upper secondary education

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The collection consists of freely available online material used in education - learning sites, photos, videos, illustrations and other learning objects. Many of these are made by teachers who have permanent and personal access to the education department's server.

This service was started in 1995 with funding from the Finnish Board of Education and in partnership with The State Provincial Office of Western Finland.