Suomeksi (in Finnish)

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Filming and editing: Tero Jaakkola (2014)

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TOP-keskus (Centre for ICT in Learning) is a unit within the City of Turku’s Education Division which serves locally, regionally and nationally. In addition to the City of Turku it is also funded through projects for the Finnish National Board of Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the EU.

TOP-keskus was first established in 1986. Its purpose was to assist teachers with the use of computers in education. Today, ICT is more involved in education than ever before with over 1,700 participants trained on-site, at school or online. Training is provided by teachers and other educational experts. The courses given are practical and taught with classroom-ready materials.

The courses given span a wide selection, catering to both beginner and experienced users of ICT. TOP-keskus operates in co-operation with other educational units within Turku and is quick to adapt to various needs.

TOP-keskus helps schools find new ways to apply ICT into education. Workshops are provided for teachers to work on their material in close proximity, with help nearby at all times.

We share our best practices at The website is widely used across Finland.

TOP-keskus is responsible for the development of its online services for education together with the ICT department. These services include: learning management systems, blog creation tool, media publishing platform, E-materials and cloud services.

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